Business Simulations

Trainathon presents a half day business simulation program,
which helps organizations with:

  • Serious learning outcomes tightly anchored to real-world employee behaviors
  • Role of Leadership in helping teams succeed
  • A fun and engaging Team Building challenge
  • How does Collaboration increase ROI
  • A Powerful Opportunity as a tool for Change
  • What is the culture one wants to drive in their organizations
  • A path to implementing new behaviors for improved performance results
  • The benefit of 20 years of continuous design improvement and established success
    (used worldwide— USA, Europe, UK, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Finland, Israel etc.)

Key Takeaways from the Business Simulation

  • Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Leadership
  • Resource Allocation & Management
  • Risk Taking
  • Communication Skills
  • Motivation
  • Collaboration
  • Decision Making
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Organizational Profitability
  • Workplace Productivity
  • Teamwork

Suitable for cross-functional, cross-cultural and intact teams at all levels (Top/Senior/Mid/Junior Management)